How do we read Yolandi’s blackened body? How do we read their invocation of a racist tradition of theatre, music and cinema in the US and South Africa’s history of the coon carnival? Are they deconstructing our racist past, or is it a publicity stunt – a shot at another viral YouTube video? A clue to these questions may be found in a remark by Jones earlier this year: “God made a mistake with me. I’m actually black, trapped in a white body.” This echoes “Never le Nkemise” (off Ten$ion): “Ninja, die wit kaffir / Ja, julle naaiers / Skrik wakker” [Ninja, the white kaffir / Yes, you fuckers / Wake up]. Analysing blackface in gangsta rap, Michelle Alexander contends: “Today’s displays are generally designed for white audiences.” Like Wikus of District 9, Yolandi and Ninja “go native” by blackening up for profit and sport. It is white privilege that provides Die Antwoord with the means to “borrow” from aspects of black cultural expression and project colonial notions of blackness. by

Die Antwoord’s revival of blackface does South Africa no favours by Adam Haupt

really really into this fantastic analysis of the fuckery that is the latest die antwoord video. must admit i was really into them early on, totally drawn in by the wierdness/sideshow factor, but after having scratched the surface a bit more i am Done.

(via garconniere)

(via garconniere)

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